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White Label vs Private Label

White label and private label are terms often used interchangeably, but to manufacturers they hold different meanings. For food supplements, white label are set formulas with custom packaging, whilst private label are customisable from the formula all the way to the packaging.

White Label

A white label product is a ready made, off the shelf formula which is then packaged into your own (sometimes) customisable packaging. It is ideal for the business who want to sell their own branded product, but aren't bothered about a supplement with a unique selling point.

White label supplements have a quicker turn around time with lower minimum order requirements than customised formulas. However, they are not as well suited to the established brand with their own target market or for those with a more ambitious plan. The formula is owned by the brand, with technical specifications released to the customer.

In summary, a white label is a set formula. It cannot be changed, nor owned by the customer, but the packaging and look of the product can be customised to your own specifications and brand.


- No expertise needed from customer

- Cheaper than private label

- Low MOQ


- No control over nutritional values of product

- Product isn't unique

Private Label

A private label supplement is a custom formulated product that is developed by a team of experts to suit your requirements. For those who have a unique idea, or selling point to market, it is ideal for them.

Private label products are more expensive and have a higher minimum order quantity than white label, but allow for the opportunity to bring a special product specific to a certain client or ailment. It also reduces the risk of mimicking another product. The formulation is owned by the customer and can be given to other manufacturers should they wish to do so.

In simple terms, a private label product belongs to your brand but is contract manufactured by a specialist on your behalf. You own the formula, and have total control over everything about the product.


- Formula is bespoke to customer

- Increased brand awareness

- Total control over all elements of product


- Higher MOQ

- More expensive than white label

Which One Is Right For Me?

You want to set up your own brand and need a product to do so. You want to sell your own product; Not someone else's. So which route do we choose?

Choose Private Label If:

- You have a specific formula to manufacture and sell

- Your formula is superior to standard white label offerings

- Costing is not a big issue

Choose White Label Services When:

- Money is tighter and low MOQ are required

- You want a quick lead time

- You'd prefer an expert to guide you with the products needed

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