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How Does It Work?

The whole process of getting your own product made can seem quite daunting, but don't worry because we're here to help. With over 50 years of combined experience in the supplements industry, we know just what you need. Our friendly team can advise you on any and all aspects of supplements - from formulations to packaging. Just ask by contacting us through our form, or by calling us on 01425 550543

Web Consultation



When you contact us, we'll ask questions about you, your product and your brand so we can understand exactly the type of empire you're trying to build. We can discuss everything, from formulations to packaging and shipping.



The journey to a successful product starts here. We'll want to know who your product is for, and what the function is so we can create a formula that is effective and innovative. Your formula will be completely bespoke, so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd.




The first thing a customer will see is your packaging, whether it's your label or a box. We can work with you to create bold and trendy packaging, relevant to whether your product is being sold online or in shops.



Once we've agreed with packaging and formulations, we can start on manufacturing your product. Whatever your requirement is, we can package your product to it. We have the facility to date and batch stamp directly onto your product in ink - no paper tags required.

Movers Carrying Packages



Selling your product on Amazon? We can ship directly to our local warehouse for Amazon FBA shipping. Or we can send your product to your preferred shipping company, for despatch.

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