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Take Your Supplements To A Whole New Level

At Arena Health we have an in-house formulations team with access to some of the UK’s best experts with over 25 years experience in food supplementation. They combine their expertise with innovation to create a balanced formula for taste, solubility and bulk density, You can approach us to request a standard formulations, which we will take from our extensive database of existing formulations, or we can develop something bespoke to meet your specific specification.


Our team will inherently know what you may need, saving you time in creating your formula. We can undertake both minor tweaks of an existing formula or the creation of a completely new formulation.

All Vitamin and Mineral blends can be made to comply with all EU dietary nutrient reference values (NRV) and allow you to make on pack claims listed in the EU Register of approved nutrition and health claims made on foods.

We can also create products to allergen free, organic and vegetarian or vegan specifications.

We have a handy PDF on all EU nutrient values or you can visit our dedicated page on the EFSA regulated health claims.

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Get Your Product Accredited

Need your product to be certified vegan or vegetarian? We can help with that. The Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society both accredit products for use of their logo.

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