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With food safety being of the highest importance, you'll be pleased to know our warehouse and cleanrooms are SALSA accredited (13796). All products produced by us undergo rigorous standards and stringent quality control checks to ensure each batch is safe and of the equal, highest possible standards.

We are proud members of the BCMPA, a well respected UK and international trade association. They help to promote the services of contract manufacturers and packers within the UK industry.


Our facilities (DA30761) are accredited to manufacture a number of organic products on our trading schedule with the use of Soil Association logo. This process involves proving the manufacturing process from start to finish is completely organic. If there is a product you would specifically like included, please do let us know and we will approve it as soon as possible.

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- Capsules weighed regularly to ensure consistency of nutritional blend dispersion.

- All tablets and capsules counted on our highly regulated machines.

- Staff undergo refresher training in hygiene every 6 months to SALSA standard.

- All equipment and rooms cleaned down with food grade products after every job.

- Allergenic products blended and processed last.

- All batches metal tested before being processed and despatched.


Transparency and trust is at the heart of everything we do at Arena Health. Although we are SALSA certified, we can offer further testing at an accredited laboratory if desired. This includes:

- Total Microbiological Count (TVC)

- Yeast and Mould

- E.Coli

- Salmonella

- Chemical and Nutritional

- Allergens

- Vitamins and Minerals

- Pesticides

- Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

AT the LAb
Quality Assurance


Every single supplier has to undergo a rigorous verification process and must meet high standards set out by our quality control team

We check the weight, taste, smell and colour of every single batch of ingredients that we receive.

Before leaving our facility, all finished products are passed through our metal detectors. Quarterly we run microbiological testing on all contact surfaces and any water sources in our warehouse.

All raw materials must come with an approved Certificate of Analysis before being accepted. All packaging must have technical drawings and detailed specifications.

Any delivery companies we use must be physically verified and approved by our Quality Assurance experts.

Our warehouse and cleanrooms are SALSA and Soil Association accredited, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness possible.

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