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What Capsule Size & Type Do I Need?

You've found your target market, you've developed your formula, but now you need to figure out what capsule to deliver your potent product in. It's easier than it seems; There are surprisingly just three things you need to consider.

But first - Need a brush up on what types of capsules are available to you? Read our article on Different Types of Capsules.

#1 Is Your Product Vegan / Vegetarian?

If you want to advertise your supplement as vegan or vegetarian, then you'll need to use either an HPMC or Pullulan capsule. Unfortunately, gelatin capsules are made from beef or pork, so aren't vegetarian or vegan friendly.

#2 How Many mg Is Your Serving?

Each capsule size has a limit on how many mg it can hold. Our table shows exactly how many mg each capsule size can hold.

Whilst there is a set theoretical volume per capsule, the bulk density of the powder (indicated under the capsule capacity), will affect how much powder the capsule can actually hold.

To find out the bulk density, 100g of powder needs to be weighed into a tared measuring cylinder. The volume of powder indicated is then divided by 100, giving the bulk density in g/ml.

Unfortunately, capsule capacity is not an exact science and alterations will be needed for various formulas.

#3 Who Is Your Target Market?

Surprisingly, understanding your target market will be a big influence into what size capsule you want. Having a clientele that consists of the elderly or young children, will influence you into needing a smaller, more easily swallowed capsule.

Products that require an improved bioavailability would be better suited for gelatine capsules, as they dissolve quickly in the stomach, resulting in the majority of nutrients being absorbed rather than passing straight through the digestive system.

Nutrients that oxidise easily need a capsule that has a good oxygen barrier, making pullulan capsules the ideal choice.

If you are going for a pharmaceutical style formula, a two toned capsule shell would be an ideal suit for your product.


To conclude, whilst choosing your capsule choice can be daunting, remember these 3 points and your choice will be much easier. Contact your manufacturer and they will be able to recommend a choice suited to your specification.

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