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Our in house specialist formulations team have over 30 years experience in the supplement industry. we can use our technical ability to formulate and develop a product relevant to your needs and specifications. Whether you need a capsule or a powder, we will endeavour to choose the highest quality ingredients that are GMP certified.

We can also help you certify your product as vegan, vegetarian or organic.

Each custom formulation for powders is trialed and tested at our facility before manufacturing, to ensure the taste and texture meet our quality standards.

We can guarantee that each custom formulation is unique, and non-discolsure agreements are available on demand. Our dedicated formulations team is constantly keeping up to date with the latest market news about ingredients, packaging and trends, so you can be sure that your supplement hits the market with the right idea.


Due to our large warehouse space and long-standing relationships with our suppliers, we are able to offer low MOQ runs of just 60,000 capsules or 300kg of powder.

What we need for a quote

If you need a specific formula in mind for either encapsulation or blending, we'll need a detailed specification from you. This includes:

- Contact details

- Full formula recipe

- Serving size

- Number of servings per pot

- Required run size

- Packaging details

Don't have a formula? No problem! Just tell us your requirements for the function and any ideas you have and we can work with you to create a formula fit for purpose.

Need help on getting started?

We have an abundance of resources available to you on our website to help you get started with your supplement business. We recommend to all customers that they read the following pages:

- Allergens

- Capsule Sizes

- Dietary Reference Values

- Labelling Requirements

- Health and Nutritional Claims

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