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Organic Apples

Going Organic

Why go organic?

Consuming Organic products is not just a one dimensional benefit.


Our favourite benefits are:

  • Fewer pesticides

  • No GMO

  • Less harmful to natural wildlife

  • Better welfare for far animals

  • No artificial pesticides

Organic Vegetables

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Blog : Why Go Organic?

How can you get your product certified?

Arena Health can offer private label organic products on initial orders from 60,000 capsules per batch. The use of the Soil Association Organic Certification logo on your own brand of products will depend on your business model. There are 3 different reasons for a business to aquire a SA approved product with approved use of the logo. 


Scheme 1:

- Business to the Customer via amazon - you require a full Soil Association license.

- Business to another Business - you require a full Soil Association license.

Scheme 2:

- Business to the Customer - you don't need a license (not via Amazon).


SCHEME 1 - Full License

Please contact the soil association and apply for a license. The application can take up to 8 weeks, even before your inspection. Please let them know that you are a client of Arena Health Ltd and that we will be manufacturing for you on your behalf (License Number DA30761).


Once the license is granted you should send the product SIPS or MIPS and label artwork for review. The products will then be added onto your trading schedule.


Please also let us know if you follow this route by email to or to your account manager. Your labels will need to be approved and the products will need to be added to our trading schedule as well as yours.   

SCHEME 2 - Symbol User Agreement

This is not a full manufacturing organic license but a scheme allowing you to use the soil association logo on your products. Labels have to be approved by the Soil Association before being used.

This scheme is aimed at brand holders who outsource the entire manufacturing process from SA-certified suppliers. They must only sell direct to consumers only. On approval the brand holder will be issued a certificate and schedule confirming their brand is permitted to use the symbol on only the specific verified products.


Please contact or your account manager if you would like to use this scheme and we can send the relevant paperwork and labels to the Soil Association to be verified and approved.

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