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Bottling &

We Know How Important Packaging Is

We offer the option to package your supplements in bespoke packaging with the capacity to produce over 3000 bottles per day. We have dedicated clean rooms with state-of-the-art machinery that precisely count capsules, tablets and softgels into bottles. We can fill in pouches or bottles, whatever the material. Whilst we have some standard bottles on hand, we can package into whatever you need. We also have a specialised labelling supplier who we can put you in touch with to print your labels. 


Our facility offers a number of clean rooms which have completely integrated systems, including bottle counting, closure, heat sealing and labelling. Bottles can be quick dried inkjet batch coded. Typical lead times are 4 weeks from when the deposit is received.

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Label Design

3 seconds is all it takes for a buyer to absorb your label design. That's why a catchy yet informative label is paramount to a successful product.

Arena Health can help you design your label from start to finish, to your specification or with our full creative control. We guarantee that all labels will comply to EFSA, HFMA and FSA standards, so you have peace of mind that your product is one step close to being fully UK lawful.


Food Label Check

✓ Nutritional Information

✓ Health and Nutrition Claims

✓ Allergen Declaration

✓ Batch and Date Coding

✓ Mandatory Statements

✓ Ingredient Verification

Arena Health can provide a comprehensive compliant report and modifications if requested for UK sold supplements.

Visit our page on labelling requirements to know more.

✓ Serving Size and Instructions

✓ Additional Information

✓ Additive Identification

✓ Sizing Requirements

✓ Storage Instructions

✓ Vitamin and Mineral NDA