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White Powder

Powder Blending


We offer our customers a comprehensive range of formulations for powdered products, or the option of creating their own blend. Our incredible V mixers ensure the homogenous mixing of multi-component formulations.

We offer versatile batch sizes, blending powders up to 1000kg a day! Our stringent quality procedures ensure that each batch is passed through our metal detector, reducing the risk of any foreign bodies. We can also offer packing of your powder into pouches or bottles; The choice is yours. If you want, we will encapsulate your blend into hard gelatin or vegetarian gel 2-piece capsules.

Some examples of types of blends we offer include:

➢ Amino Acid 
➢ Enzyme
➢ Herbal

➢ Meal replacements

➢ Multivitamins

➢ Multiminerals

➢ Multivitamin and Mineral blends

➢ Probiotic

➢ Protein Blends (vegan and vegetarian)

The Perfect Blend, For The Perfect Product

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