Labelling Requirements

The HFMA has a handy guide indicating the legal requirements for all food supplement labels. We've included a simple summary below.

The requirements needed on food supplement labels include:

➢ Name of the food

➢ List of ingredients (by quantity)

➢ Declaration of allergenic ingredients

➢ Net quantity of the food

➢ Best Before Date

➢ Conditions for storage and use

➢ Business name and address

➢ Country of origin

➢ Name 'Food Supplement'

➢ Nutritional Information

➢ Daily recommended portion

➢ Warning not to exceed recommended daily intake

➢ A statement the food supplement should not be used as a replacement for a normal, varied diet

➢ A statement that the food supplement should be kept out of the reach of young children

➢ Nutritional content of nutrients and substances within the supplement. Units must be specified

➢ An indication of the percentage reference intake value for vitamins and minerals

➢ Additional labelling includes: sweeteners, glycyrrhizinic acid or its ammonium salt, added caffeine.

Supplement Label Check

All Food Supplement Manufacturers, Importers and retailers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are legally labelled. Food supplement compliance within the UK is regulated by the HFMA through 3 legislations:

     EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation

     Food Supplements Regulations 2003

     Annex to Commission Directive 2008/100/EC

Arena Health can provide a comprehensive compliant report and modifications if requested for UK sold supplements.

✓ Nutritional Information

✓ Health and Nutrition Claims

✓ Allergen Declaration

✓ Batch and Date Coding

✓ Mandatory Statements

✓ Ingredient Verification

✓ Serving Size and Instructions

✓ Additional Information

✓ Additive Identification

✓ Sizing Requirements

✓ Storage Instructions

✓ Vitamin and Mineral NDA