Protein Shakes

Private Label Protein Shake Manufacturing

Arena Health can custom manufacture nutrition sports supplements and help develop your own formula.

Our protein shake formulas:

- Use the best quality proteins

- Come in a wide range of flavours.

- Can be personalised to your dietary. needs including vegan, paleo and gluten free.

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Types of Protein


After the pressing of oil from hemp seeds, the remaining seed meal that contains protein content is ground to create hemp protein powder. It has a similar protein content to soy and egg, although is less processed.

Whey Protein Isolate – With a lower lactose content, it is a better whey option for those with a lactose intolerence. Isolates generally contain a higher protein content than whey protein concentrate with less fat and carbs per serving.

Whey Protein Concentrate – Whey protein concentrate is created as a byproduct of cheese production. This protein type is the most commonly used supplement in bodybuilding to promote muscle hypertrophy.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate – Through the addition of enzymes, whey protein hydrolysate are more easily digested. This can manifest as an increased insulin response, improved muscle repair and reduction of injury.