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Protein Shakes, Powders and Meal Replacements

As a UK protein powder manufacturer we combine our expertise, experience and state of the art technology, to manufacture your own custom private label protein shakes, meal replacements and protein powders.

Need a specialist request? Our services can be full customised to what your requirements are. Vegan, paleo, keto, organic. Whatever it is, we can help.

Sports Nutrition

Which Protein?

Protein powders are the supplements industry latest and greatest source of nutrients. With so many different sources out there, how do you know which protein to use for your product?

There are three common forms; Protein Concentrates, Protein Isolates, Protein Hydrolysates.

Whey / Casein Protein

From milk

Both proteins found in milk. Whey is the protein found in the liquid separated from curds during the cheese making process. Both contain high levels of amino acids, although casein is absorbed at a slower rate than whey - which could be better for those with lactose intolerences.

Whey / Casein Protein
Pea Protein

From yellow peas

Pea protein is a great vegan alternative to normal protein powders. It is rich in BCAA and contains all 9 amino acids the body cannot make. It is used predominantly in pre and post workout shakes due to it's protein content. It can be flavoured with virtually anything you want.

Pea Protein
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Hemp Protein

From hemp seeds

Unlike other proteins, hemp is rich in both amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids. It has a lower protein content than other sources like whey and soy, however is better suited to those who are mindful of a product that has been refined and processed less.

Hemp Protein

Protein Shakes

Have your own private label protein shake brought to the market with the best ingredients possible. We can advice you of our base formulas, for you to customise to your specification.

Pre & Post Workout

Want a protein powder but not a shake? We have a wide range of formulas ready  for you to customise and turn into pre-workouts, post-workouts or whatever you desire.

Meal Replacements

Whatever your clientele, we can help customise an effective formula for your needs. We have an extensive range of knowledge on formulations to help you achieve the best product possible.


Around 75% of the protein powder market is flavoured with either strawberry, vanilla or chocolate - so we think this is a great place to start. Depending on your run size we can offer other customisable flavours.

Don't know where to start? We can custom formulate your powder flavour from start to finish, sending you samples to try and taste, so you can be sure your powder will be the best it can be.

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